Extensive course for Young Learnes levels - B1.1-B1.2

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English language school Madrid - course for kids

We offer entertaining classes which ensure linguistic progress and motivation in a friendly yet dynamic environment which takes into account the general level of development of the child/teenager.

Our reduced class size and communicative methodology encourage participation while our exclusive ABC evaluation system gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to tackle real tasks and their knowledge of course content while at the same time preparing them for Cambridge exams. 

Progress 1 level in 9 months (> 67 hours)
Hours and days 2 hours per week
Monday Wednesday or Tuesday Thursday 1 hour per day
Friday 2 hours per day
Saturday 2 hours per day
Available IH Nuevos Ministerios
Periods 01/10/2015 - 28/06/2016

Included in the course:

  • student folder containing backpack, notebook, pen, pencil, etc.
  • continuous care and advice by pedagogical expert.
  • individual tutorial with the teacher at the end of each term.
  • access to a customer care team and an pedagogical expert in your educational center for advise and deal with any questions and queries
  • during the academic year : free bonus leisure club ( 8-11 years) " why do not we club"
  • free use of teaching resources : libraries and study rooms ( with a lending service of books and DVDs ) , internet cafes , multimedia courses , language exchange ...
  • additional events (monographic courses, quizzes, pub quiz ...)

Professional level certification service

  • Compulsory: Level test required for courses at ih centres = Free.
  • Optional: Certification of Level of achievement granted by International House Madrid which includes student record towards the next Cambridge ESOL exam = 20 €
  • Optional: detailed English or Spanish report in 48h = 60 €.

Steps to enrol:

To ensure that the course is appropriate for your level of English, you are required to take a free level test before enrolling. To do this test you have to make an appointment, by clicking the red button. Once you have completed your level test you will be advised which is the best course to help you achieve your objectives.

Prices 2015/16 Extensive

Payment in whole

Payment for the academic year (1 levels)
before the start of the first period


Payment in 3 installments

Two payments per level attained: 

(01/10/2015 and 07/01/2014 and 04/04/2016)



Last date to pay deposit (€60, deducted from
next invoice) to secure place for the next level


Payment dates

In order to join a class, each installment must be paid before the payment dates stated, and always before the start of the course. 

To reserve your place

In order to ensure availability and smooth functioning of the groups, students need to pay a reservation deposit of 60 euros before the start of each level, deductible from the course fee. Registration for more than one level is subject to passing the first level; students who have to repeat levels may request a refund of the fees of the levels which have not been started. Where payment is in instalments, the deposit can be deducted from the final payment. This means that the student’s place is guaranteed until the end of the level, provided all installments are paid before the due date.

Cancellation rules

The reservation deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation by the student. If the student decides to cancel his/her place before the start of the course, the student will receive a refund of the remaining amount paid. If the student decides to cancel the course once classes have begun, the student will receive a voucher, with global validity in any school in the IH World Organisation, equal to the remainder of the fees paid, minus the amount paid relating to fees which have already been consumed in full when paid in installments.


Our centres are open from 8:00h to 22:00 h.


Our courses do not lead to qualifications within the formal Spanish education system, but instead to gaining prestigious international titles recognized and respected worldwide in the field of language teaching and in the training of language teachers.

International House Madrid is:

  • a PLATINUM-CATEGORY AUTHORISED EXAMINATION CENTRE for all the exams of the University of Cambridge
  • a PREPARATION CENTRE for the Alliance Française exams
  • VORBEREITUNGSZENTRUM for Goethe Institut examinations
  • an EXAMINATION CENTRE for Instituto Cervantes exams
  • an ADVISORY CENTRE for other exams.

Offers and special conditions (not cumulative)

  • 10% discount for the first relative (first degree) of a student who enrols at the same time as them, 20% for the second relative, 30% for the third and subsequent direct relatives; discounts applicable on any course in any language for any age and any level offered at any of our centres in the Comunidad de Madrid (see conditions).
  • Second Language: 25% discount on French or German courses for students who are doing or have done an English course at one of our centres (not applicable to schools and businesses).
  • Students: 28% discount for university students in our centres ih Ciudad Universtitaria and ih Las Rozas (conditions apply).